dog park near me new york city

If you are looking for dog parks in new york city, then this article is for you. A dog can run freely, exercise, walk with its owner, socialize with other dogs in a dog park. So, a dog park is an important thing for the well-being of a dog. Today, cityhall365 will discuss dog park near me new york city, names of the dog parks near new york and etiquettes of dog parks, benefits of dog parks, and some more relevant information.

Since NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world, so we can understand obviously there would be a lot of dog parks for the world. We will give the name and addresses of this dog park today.

Dog park near me New York City

Ewen Park Dog Run: It is situated in Riverdale to Johnson avenues, south of West 232nd Street.

Bronx Park Dog Run: It is situated in Boston Road & Bronx Park East.

Soundview Dog Run: It is situated in Lafayette Avenue Between Colgate and Boynton Avenues.

Williamsbridge Oval Dog Run: It is situated in 3225 Reservoir Oval East.

Seton Park Dog Run: It is situated in West 232nd Street & Independence Avenue.

Franz Sigel Park Dog Run: It is situated in Center of the park, just north of the ballfields which would line up with around 155th Street.

Pelham Bay Park Dog Run: It is situated in Middletown Road Parking Lot.

Prospect Park Dog Beach: It is situated at 95 prospect Park West Brooklyn.

Sir William’s Dog Run: It is situated in 65 Margaret Corbin Dr. New York.

Sirius Dog Run: It is situated in 385 S End Ave. New York.

So, these are some of the names of the dog parks in New York City. Besides this, obviously there are also a lot of dog parks besides this in New York City.

A dog can easily socialize with other dogs when it was taken to the park. The owner had to make sure that the dog had been vaccinated. When walking the dog, it is recommended that the owner also walks with him.

Local Newspaper in NYC

Many world-famous newspapers like The New York Times, New York Post, The Wall Street Journals are published from New York. All of the above-mentioned newspapers are mainly national newspapers. Today cityhall365 will discuss Local Newspaper in NYC, names of the local newspapers in NYC, local newspapers of the different language as well as ethnic communities, and other relevant information.

As had been discussed in one of an earlier post, the population of NYC is about 8.3 million. So generally there will be a huge demand for local news from the people of the city.

There are many famous local newspapers in New York City. Such as Metro New York, Brooklyn Daily, Black Star News, New York Sun‎, Manhattan Times‎, Business Travel News, ‎Indypendent, National Herald, and many more newspapers.

An interesting thing about New York local newspaper is that there is also a lot of newspaper like the Irish Echo( Irish American Newspaper), New York Awam (Urdu Newspaper), Ethikos Kyrix (Greek Newspaper), Weekly Bangalee( Bangla Newspaper), Vaba Eesti Sona (Estonian newspaper), New Yorker Staats-Zeitung (German weekly newspaper) are published from NYC. The most interesting fact about these newspapers is that these newspapers are published in a language other than English. Take the example of Weekly Bangalee- it is a Bangla Newspaper and published in Bengali. These types of newspapers are generally read by the people of different communities who had come outside of the United States. Normally this type of ethnic-lingual newspapers are read by the people of that community and most of the newspaper’s news will be about that particular community living in NYC.

We know about different things happening in our locality from social work to politics by reading the newspapers. We can enrich our knowledge by reading newspapers.

Local newspapers specifically gives relevant information about the community like business activities, jobs, events.

These are some of the name of local newspapers in NYC and benefits of local newspapers.

Population of NYC

Millions of people come every year to visit the beautiful New York City. It has beautiful places like Manhattan Skyline, Bryant Park, New York Public Library. Today cityhall365 will discuss the population of NYC from authentic sources, different ethnic groups in the population, diversity in the population of NYC, and some more relevant information regarding this.

According to the United States Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2019, the population of NYC is 8,336,817. NYC is one of the largest and biggest cities in the US and the largest city in population in the New York states. Also, this population of July 1, 2019, had increased to 2% from the previous population of 2010 which was about 8, 175,031.

Female persons percentage in the New York City is about 52.3%.

White people constitute considerably a very low percentage in New York City and are about 42.7%. While white people constitute a very low percentage of the total population compared to other cities, still they are the most dominant race in New York City.

Hispanic or Latino people constitutes about 29.1% of the total population of the city. They are the second most dominant race after the white people in the city.

Black or African American People constitute about 24.3% of the total population and are the third dominant race in New York City.

Asian people are the fourth dominant race in New York City and they constitutes about 14.1% of the total population of New York City.

American Indian and Alaska Native alone constitutes only 0.4% of the total population of NYC.

We can also know from the United States Census Bureau that white people alone (no Hispanic or Latino) constitutes about 32.1% of the total population of the city,

Foreign born persons percentage is one of the highest in the US in this city and it is about 36.8%! So, more than one third of the population of New York City are immigrants.

New York city is called the capital of the world because of its huge diversity. People from every race, country, religion, language can be found in New York City.

NY Trash Pickup Schedule

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world. The trash collections come under the Department of Sanitation, New York. Today we will discuss the NY trash pickup schedule, Days when trash collections are remained off, how to put broken glasses thing in the trash box, and other relevant information.

When doing major construction work

When you are doing major construction work and have a lot of debris, you should contact with a private trash removal company. According to the portal of nyc government, if the items of construction work fits into the trash bag, then you don’t need to hire private trash removal company.

NY Trash Pick up schedule

As a modern city, anyone can know about the trash pick-up schedule of New York. For knowing the trash pickup schedule in NYC, one can go to the website of DSNY and enter his address. You can also download the official app of DSNY to know more relevant information about trash pick up schedule.

Pick up times

Garbage should be place between 4 pm to midnight the evening before collection day. As had been said earlier that you can know the schedule of NYC trash by putting the address at the Department of Sanitation website.

Days when trash collections are remained off

According to the website of nyc government, there is no trash collections on these days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Lincoln’s Birthday
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Election Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

It may happen that your trash collection may fall under these days, in that case, you must check the trash social media accounts or press release page to know further updates regarding trash collection.

How to put broken glasses like thing in the trash box

According to the portal of the NYC government, Broken glasses and things like that which had sharp edges and can make punctures in the trash bag, these things must be put inside a cardboard box and labeled as broken glass.

So, these are the relevant information regarding NY trash pickup schedule.

Tesla Showroom in New York

By this time, all of us know about Tesla and the CEO of the Tesla company, Elon Musk. Tesla cars can run without oil and just with the help of the charges. It saves a lot of space inside the car besides bringing a revolutionary change in the car industry. Cityhall365 will discuss Tesla Showroom in New York, How can one buy a car from the showroom, how Tesla cars can be charged in New York, and other relevant information.

There is a lot of scattered information available online about the Tesla showroom in New York. But we will try to altogether this information and bring the most relevant information for you regarding the Tesla showroom in New York.

Pic: Tesla Car.
Collected from Tesla’s website

Brooklyn-Van Brunt Street

160 Van Brunt Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

Store & Service: (718) 510-8046

Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752


3300 W Henrietta Rd

Henrietta, NY 14623

Gallery & Service: (585) 512-2970

Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752

Huntington Station-Walt Whitman Shops

160 Walt Whitman Rd

Space 1009A

Huntington Station, NY 11746

Gallery: 631-760-2481

Pic: Inside of a Tesla Car.
Collected from Tesla’s website.

Manhasset-Americana Manhasset

2122 Northern Blvd

Manhasset, NY 11030

Sales: (516) 734-0271

Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3762

Meatpacking-860 Washington

860 Washington St.

New York, NY 10014

Store: (212) 206-1204

Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752

Smithtown-Long Island

1000 Nesconset Highway

Smithtown, NY 11787-1066

Store & Service: (631) 982-2134

Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752

Westchester-Mt. Kisco

115 Kisco Avenue

Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Store & Service: (914) 218-8900

Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752

White Plains-Tarrytown

250 Tarrytown Rd

White Plains, NY 10607

Gallery & Service: (914) 467-5070

Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752

White Plains-The Westchester

125 Westchester Avenue

Suite #1400

White Plains, NY 10601

Gallery: (914) 285-1000

Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752

Source of Information: Tesla

You can choose the nearest showroom from your house in New York to buy a Tesla car. Also, you can contact these showrooms to know more about procedural information before buying a Tesla car.

Also, New York has already many places where cars can be charged. A lot of parking had now the facilities to charge the Tesla car. Also, every week a lot of charging facilities were created every week to facilitate the use of Tesla. Besides, chagrin facilities in the parking, New York City has also many places where supercharging can be done. So, if you are planning to buy a Tesla car in New York, you don’t need to worry about charging your Tesla car.

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