Local Newspaper in NYC

Many world-famous newspapers like The New York Times, New York Post, The Wall Street Journals are published from New York. All of the above-mentioned newspapers are mainly national newspapers. Today cityhall365 will discuss Local Newspaper in NYC, names of the local newspapers in NYC, local newspapers of the different language as well as ethnic communities, and other relevant information.

As had been discussed in one of an earlier post, the population of NYC is about 8.3 million. So generally there will be a huge demand for local news from the people of the city.

There are many famous local newspapers in New York City. Such as Metro New York, Brooklyn Daily, Black Star News, New York Sun‎, Manhattan Times‎, Business Travel News, ‎Indypendent, National Herald, and many more newspapers.

An interesting thing about New York local newspaper is that there is also a lot of newspaper like the Irish Echo( Irish American Newspaper), New York Awam (Urdu Newspaper), Ethikos Kyrix (Greek Newspaper), Weekly Bangalee( Bangla Newspaper), Vaba Eesti Sona (Estonian newspaper), New Yorker Staats-Zeitung (German weekly newspaper) are published from NYC. The most interesting fact about these newspapers is that these newspapers are published in a language other than English. Take the example of Weekly Bangalee- it is a Bangla Newspaper and published in Bengali. These types of newspapers are generally read by the people of different communities who had come outside of the United States. Normally this type of ethnic-lingual newspapers are read by the people of that community and most of the newspaper’s news will be about that particular community living in NYC.

We know about different things happening in our locality from social work to politics by reading the newspapers. We can enrich our knowledge by reading newspapers.

Local newspapers specifically gives relevant information about the community like business activities, jobs, events.

These are some of the name of local newspapers in NYC and benefits of local newspapers.

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