Population of NYC

Millions of people come every year to visit the beautiful New York City. It has beautiful places like Manhattan Skyline, Bryant Park, New York Public Library. Today cityhall365 will discuss the population of NYC from authentic sources, different ethnic groups in the population, diversity in the population of NYC, and some more relevant information regarding this.

According to the United States Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2019, the population of NYC is 8,336,817. NYC is one of the largest and biggest cities in the US and the largest city in population in the New York states. Also, this population of July 1, 2019, had increased to 2% from the previous population of 2010 which was about 8, 175,031.

Female persons percentage in the New York City is about 52.3%.

White people constitute considerably a very low percentage in New York City and are about 42.7%. While white people constitute a very low percentage of the total population compared to other cities, still they are the most dominant race in New York City.

Hispanic or Latino people constitutes about 29.1% of the total population of the city. They are the second most dominant race after the white people in the city.

Black or African American People constitute about 24.3% of the total population and are the third dominant race in New York City.

Asian people are the fourth dominant race in New York City and they constitutes about 14.1% of the total population of New York City.

American Indian and Alaska Native alone constitutes only 0.4% of the total population of NYC.

We can also know from the United States Census Bureau that white people alone (no Hispanic or Latino) constitutes about 32.1% of the total population of the city,

Foreign born persons percentage is one of the highest in the US in this city and it is about 36.8%! So, more than one third of the population of New York City are immigrants.

New York city is called the capital of the world because of its huge diversity. People from every race, country, religion, language can be found in New York City.

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